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Why STEAM matters…

Integrating the Arts in Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics (STEAM) can be a transformative experience for students and teachers. The Lumifold workshop provides a unique opportunity for participants to gain an understanding and appreciation of the ways mathematics and science can be applied in creative contexts. Making a Lumifold lamp involves origami sekkei (mathematical/computational paper folding) incorporating a range of geometric folds, taking the flat to form approach. During the make session students and teachers will engage with materials technology, 2D to 3D concepts and the powerful experience gained through persistence and application of manual dexterity.

Lumifold paper lamp making workshops typically look like this:

  • 2-3 hour workshop on a single day
  • Students age 10 and up (younger students may need more individual assistance)
  • Max 40 per group – Groups more than 20 will require 2 facilitators


  • Presentation of Lumifold project STEM content – the Mathematics of the Lumifold, including curriculum links
  • Demonstration of options for customizing the paper template
  • Participants customize their individual templates
  • Demonstration of glide reflection folding technique and ongoing stages of folding and construction from flat paper to formed shapes towards the final construction of the lamp
  • Demonstration of paper base construction
  • Selecting LED for illumination
  • Illumination, documenting individual completion via photograph and informal verbal evaluation (ongoing throughout construction phase of the workshop)
  • Group photograph and final evaluation comments
  • Wrap up

STEAM kits provided include one each of pre-scored paper, LED light and foldable base template. Facilitators will provide adhesive for the lamp construction.

Lumifold workshops will be up and running again in 2016. Please feel free to contact the PoP team if you would like to discuss how to provide a Lumifold experience for your class. We will also be offering Lumifold workshops for community groups and maker spaces.

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