Melissa is at the forefront of STEAM education in Australia, having forged many external partnerships between museums, industry professionals and academics working in a range of STEMtoSTEAM research and practice environments.

Melissa enjoys being part of a bold community of collaborators intent on driving innovative learning experiences. Her intention is to go around the world folding paper, joyfully.


Jane is a passionate mathematics educator with a background in law and business. Her inspiration is to cross over boundaries to demonstrate the hidden mathematics that lies at the heart of just about everything in a way that is accessible to everyone.

Jane believes it is possible to share with students the wonder of extracting a simple answer from a seemingly difficult question, and the marvellous tools we use to do this. Jane is a champion of seeing maths everywhere!


Annette is an arts educator specialising in conceiving, creating and delivering  innovative arts programs. With an ability to engage audiences of all ages and backgrounds she has worked across the education, community and cultural sectors.

Annette enjoys a bit of risk taking and hopes more people see the benefits of incorporating art and design into STEM.

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