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  • Science Technology Engineering Maths = STEM

  • STEM + Arts = STEAM

  • sparking imagination & curiosity = POP

About Steampop

question like a scientist
design like a technologist
build like an engineer
create like an artist
deduce like a mathematician

Anne Carey, MIT Engineer

Who We Are

STEAMpop values the intersection between the Arts and STEM concepts because these connections are all around us. Our name represents the relevance and importance of integrating the Arts in STEM. The pop is the spark that comes from learning by making and the experience of creating something beautiful.

Founded by Melissa Silk, Annette Mauer and Jane Martin, experienced educators and presenters currently working in research and practice related to STEAM.

What We Do

We provide unique hands-on STEAM experiences in the education, community and corporate environments. Our practice also includes consultation in design thinking and we collaborate with exciting creators to develop high quality, imaginative STEAM events.

STEAMpop is endorsed to provide NESA Registered Professional Development for teachers accredited at Proficient Level Teacher.

Melissa works extensively in a variety of learning contexts to enhance the status of STEAM. She is passionate about exploring connections between imagination, making and mathematics. Melissa develops unique STEAM experiences while also engaged in PhD research at the University of Technology Sydney.

Annette has worked in the secondary schools and museums developing programs in art, design and critical and creative thinking for primary and secondary students. Annette has facilitated design thinking programs for the corporate and cultural sectors. She believes that that integrated STEAM programs will result in new of thinking and an increased awareness of the value of the arts in society.

Jane is an expert in mathematics teaching with a long standing interest in the connections between mathematics and the arts. She is currently undertaking doctoral research in STEM Mathematics education at UTS, building communities of practice focused on integrated learning experiences.


STEAMpop dynamos

What's being said about Lumifold

  • A fascinating and refreshing take on teaching mathematics

    — Melanie Hughes, AIS DigiSTEM —
  • “The most amazing STEAM based creations I have ever seen”

    — Jade Moffat Herman, IBM —
  • STEAM in action through mathematical and design problem solving

    — Dr Narelle Lemon, Swinburne University of Technology —
  • A fun paper session got me thinking about curves and our coding art challenge

    — Nicola O’Brien, Code Rangers —
  • This idea of transforming ordinary into extraordinary allows me to look at objects as well as nature in a whole new perspective.

    — GCE Lab School participant, NEXT.cc, School of the Art Institute, Chicago, Jan 2016 —
  • I have a very happy little lamp-maker, now home, drawing at her desk with her new STEAM Wonderlamp from Lumifold.

    — Jane Nichols, participant, Sydney Mini Maker Faire 2015 —
  • The ideas that you have developed are an innovative application of furthering student understanding of Mathematical concepts in a highly creative and engaging way. WOW!

    — Paul Moro, Consultant: Technologies K to 10 at Association of Independent Schools WA @AISITIC 2014 —
  • From this to this in just two hours! Thanks to @MelSilk for sharing this beautiful STEAM project.

    — Alison Hansel, Elementary Mathematics Educator @BLC15 —
  • Fabulous STEAM ideas!

    — Ann Vega, Google Certified Educator, Director of Instructional Technology at McAllen ISD @BLC15 —
  • Extraordinary engagement in maths X design, an authentic and deep learning experience.

    — Peter Mahony, Education & Digital Learning Manager @MAAS Museum —
  • The lamp I made last night with 1 piece of paper looks awesome as a night light!

    — Math teacher @Momath Winter Wonderlamp Workshop —

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