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About The Possibilities

Be curious
Learn by making
Explore the beauty of mathematics and science

What we do

Our goal is to inspire explorations in STEM through playful and creative hands-on activities for people of all ages. Our projects are interdisciplinary and imaginative. They are based on specific topics across multiple STEM subject areas. The learning comes from making something beautiful. We run workshops for education, community and cultural groups. You can also learn and create at home by purchasing a Lumifold kit and using the online instructional resources.

Our first project is Lumifold. Workshop participants or any owner of a Lumifold kit make a stunning lamp using the origami Sekkei technique which is a form of mathematical paper folding. Lumifold is an expression of biomimicry, elementary symmetries and iteration.

Soon we will be building further projects exploring more STEAM topics which will offer fun workshops and expand on our catalogue of online resources.
We hope you can join us on this journey of discovery and creating.

Melissa, Jane and Annette

Why we make
Making things is fun.
Making things is an essential part of the creative process.
Making things enables us to understand abstract concepts.
Making things challenges our ideas about the world.
Making things helps us visualize mathematical concepts and scientific ideas.
Making things provides a real sense of achievement.
Making things allows us to fail and try again.
Making things is joyful.We recognise that the Arts can play a significant role in exploring and understanding Science Technology, Engineering and Maths (STEM) and in turn STEAM can be the foundation of creating aesthetically pleasing objects and environments.
Who we are

This is Melissa

This is Jane

This is Annette



What's being said about Lumifold

  • This idea of transforming ordinary into extraordinary allows me to look at objects as well as nature in a whole new perspective.

    — GCE Lab School participant, NEXT.cc, School of the Art Institute, Chicago, Jan 2016 —
  • I have a very happy little lamp-maker, now home, drawing at her desk with her new STEAM Wonderlamp from Lumifold.

    — Jane Nichols, participant, Sydney Mini Maker Faire 2015 —
  • The ideas that you have developed are an innovative application of furthering student understanding of Mathematical concepts in a highly creative and engaging way. WOW!

    — Paul Moro, Consultant: Technologies K to 10 at Association of Independent Schools WA @AISITIC 2014 —
  • From this to this in just two hours! Thanks to @MelSilk for sharing this beautiful STEAM project.

    — Alison Hansel, Elementary Mathematics Educator @BLC15 —
  • Fabulous STEAM ideas!

    — Ann Vega, Google Certified Educator, Director of Instructional Technology at McAllen ISD @BLC15 —
  • Extraordinary engagement in maths X design, an authentic and deep learning experience.

    — Peter Mahony, Education & Digital Learning Manager @MAAS Museum —
  • The lamp I made last night with 1 piece of paper looks awesome as a night light!

    — Math teacher @Momath Winter Wonderlamp Workshop —
  • Maths + design, a match even more perfect than Jay Z and Beyoncé!

    — Madeline Rothery, Sorbonne Fine Arts student @ Momath Winter Wonderlamp Workshop5 —
  • Mathemagicians! A perfect way to explore making math visible.

    — Max Cahill, entrepreneur @ Sydney Mini Maker Faire 2015 —

Lumifold & Binary Bugs

Learn while making Learn by building Learn while having fun The Lumifold Lantern is our first maths-in-action project. More to come... Click here for your first taste of Binary Bugs, an evolving STEAMpop project blending biomimicry, binary and probability!


These projects focus on a mathematical process of patterning through elementary symmetries and the principles of art and design. The construction process relies on the art of paper folding, origami sekkei. It is underpinned by mathematical theory and consists of a series of instructional steps that outline the nature of a glide reflection. This pattern has applications through a range of physical environments including architecture, textiles, robotics and sculpture.

Binary Bugs

These applications are drawn from relationships with general physics and structural engineering and are an expression of joyful kinaesthetic forms.


Watch the Lumifold ‘How to’ video

Lumifold ‘how to’ on ABC Splash

Download the Lumifold instructions

Download the Binary Bugs instructions

Australian Curriculum Links


Our team is available to

run a Lumifold Workshop in your School

Find out more about Lumifold Workshops and

Why STEAM Matters

plus links to Australian Curriculum


Lumifold: Fold your own paper lamp – Family Workshop

Lumifold: A STEM to STEAM Teacher’s Workshop


Lucas Heights Community School –Creative and Performing Arts Day


Lumifold workshops presented at the Asia Pacific Architecture Forum
Brisbane, March 2016


APAF16 Lumifold Workshop APDL 07-03-16_85 Lumifold Workshop APDL 07-03-16_124 Lumifold Workshop APDL 07-03-16_177

STEAMpop presented Lumifold in New York City in December 2015 at

   and   ESMS

and in Chicago in January 2016 in collaboration with

090722_logo_large     saic_logo_k GCE-LabSchool_primary

Lumifold presented at November Learning BLC15 as STEAM Wonder, Boston, July 2015


Lumifold Kits

The fun does not need to stay at school. You can now buy Lumifold Kits and share the enjoyment with friends and family.

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